Oh the Joys of Learning

"You guys have lived in Pennsylvania for how long and you still don't know how to ice skate?"

"I'm from New Jersey!"

"So am I! You have no excuses."

(Seriously though. How do you live in a place that has all this snow and ice and not learn? It's ridiculous. Honestly. There should never be a ration of 10:1 with people that don't know how to ice skate vs people that do. Eegh. Off to nurse my bruises. Which were, by the way, not inflicted of my own accord but because I was dragged down helping people. Aren't I nice.)

((Also, hello blogger I haven't seen your face in a while I'm afraid I ditched you for shinier, better things. But there, there. I'll come around every once in a while. Make sure you aren't too lonely.))


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