Oh the Joys of Learning

"You guys have lived in Pennsylvania for how long and you still don't know how to ice skate?"

"I'm from New Jersey!"

"So am I! You have no excuses."

(Seriously though. How do you live in a place that has all this snow and ice and not learn? It's ridiculous. Honestly. There should never be a ration of 10:1 with people that don't know how to ice skate vs people that do. Eegh. Off to nurse my bruises. Which were, by the way, not inflicted of my own accord but because I was dragged down helping people. Aren't I nice.)

((Also, hello blogger I haven't seen your face in a while I'm afraid I ditched you for shinier, better things. But there, there. I'll come around every once in a while. Make sure you aren't too lonely.))

The Perfect Man

I just really like this picture, it's pretty.
So there are these two fictional characters: Eugenides from The Thief series and Howl from Howl's Moving Castle.
They're pretty opposite as far as characters go, aside from the fact they're both madly in love with someone else.
Like Howl is kind-hearted and calm for the most part and sweet and always a gentleman, but he has the heart of a child and he's just so "awwww" worthy. He can pull off lines no one else can, like "Your hair is like starlight!" which is...cheesy for the rest of the world.
Gen is a thief. He's arrogant and stubborn and selfish and cocky and tremendously witty and clever and afhileahfilehahf. (He's kind of the reason I like Ramsey in the first place.)
So my sister adores Howl and I'm devoted to Gen. However, the topic of their loves comes up again.
Howl has Sophie who is all timid and shy at first because she thinks she isn't beautiful and isn't really sure of herself blah blah blah.
Gen has Attolia (Irene) who is the sole ruler of her country after poisoning the first husband she was forced to marry, commanding, a bit harsh, afraid of love, blah blah blah.
So what's funny about this, is that I'm more Sophie and my sister is more Attolia and there's positively nothing we can do about it. Just that our ideal loves would be utterly unsatisfied with us. Which is kind of sad. But also funny.

Puddle of Shame

"Look, everyone's in little groups around the room."

Lauren and Frank glanced around as Tayah kept talking.

"See, there's that group in the dark part near the kitchen. And then everyone piling on the couch. And then there's us."

"You're right," Frank said. "We should commerce. Commerce? Is that the right word?"

"I don't know what you want to even do," Lauren said, rolling her eyes. She looked over to the group by the kitchen. "I haven't even talked to Allen much. Barely even two words to the guy."

Frank grinned. "You should go talk to him."

"No, thanks."

"I could call him over."

"That's a pretty bad idea."

"Allen! Allen! Allen! Allen! Al! Allen!"

"Ohmyword, stop that."

"Allen!" Frank called. "Lauren wants to commerce with you!"

"Oh, converse." She paused. "No, I don't, shuttup."

Allen looked at them curiously, making a 'what?' gesture.

"She wants to converse with you! Come here!"

"What?" Allen yelled over the noise.


"What the hell, Frank?" demanded Lauren, hitting him upside the head. Someone. Kill. Her. Now. Preferably after Allen stopped laughing. Maybe before.

Nowhere Near Ready

It's February 2. oh CRAP it is February 2 and I only have until middle of March and I'm not even close to done and it's a completely crappy thing right now and oh CRAP DARE NEEDS TO BE FINISHED GAAH =____=


Taylor and Claire made another Jaramiah scene.

It makes me sadface. =/ <---see that sadface?

I'm much more sad than that.

Emoticons cannot even.

So I'm reading my "Ramsey! <3 <3 <3" folder in gmail. It has happy Ramsey. Ramsey that is not scarred or scared or any such thing. Ramsey that's with Ariana.

Best of all, it has Ramsey with ME.

(Reading Bus Stop or Ramsey/Ariana drabbles always cheers me up. Because he thinks I'm pretty and amazing and. and. *happiness* Yeah. I realize how sort of pathetic it is to be so happy over a fictional character thinking fictional thoughts. I don't care.)


I am so, so, SO EXCITED!!!




Okay, so, the reason for this JOYOUS ABUSE OF PUNCTUATION AND RAPE OF SHIFT is that on next Friday, January 21st at around 5 pm or so, I am going to meet my wonderful, amazing, fantastic friend Rashelle.

Seriously, I am so incredibly psyched to meet her. We met in Connections Academy, a government-run online school thing, over Webkinz. Yeah. Don't mock me the stuffed animals are cute >> And it was 4 years ago.

So, we've pretty much been really close friends ever since and I'm so glad I know her. She's a couple years younger, but she's really mature in her faith and having good Christian friends is really important to me. I can literally talk to her about anything and she generally helps me to be stronger in my walk with God. It's nice to hang out like that. =)

Plus, we have that kind of a relationship where if we don't talk for a while, we can jump right back in where we left off. Which I really like.

I was supposed to meet her back in April as one of my presents(she only lives about...2 hours away), but for some reason her mommy didn't like the idea. I don't know why, but yeah. So yeah. I'm really excited about this.

/It figures that the only person I still talk to from CA is the last one I'm actually meeting

Count The Shadows

So...I haven't slept today. Mainly last night, but I haven't taken a nap.

This is mainly due to a very dumb decision to read House of Leaves at 3 am.

Yeahhh. I don't know why I do this to myself. I just honestly love reading horror stories. Maybe I'm just a masochist because my imagination goes into hyperdrive once I'm alone and then bad things happen. Yeah.

So...it was a good novel. Interesting. The main scary bits were in the beginning around the first 200 pages or so and then it just started getting...slow. Like, it just stopped being scary.

I mean, scary stuff was still happening, but it just didn't affect me. The stuff that happened to Tom and Navidson and all that was just like "._. bad run of luck, dude ew" and. Yeah, that's about it.

Still, it didn't stop me from being afraid to go downstairs alone at 7 am when I finished it. I ended up just knocking on my parents' door and snuggling in bed until my dad went downstairs.

Soooo...yeah. Decent book. Scared me a crapton but I'll get over it. It's not nearly as frightening as Psycho or the boogie lady is to me. Or just darkness in general.

Have I mentioned that? That I'm scared of the dark? Well, I am. So. Yeah. /endpost